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Passenger Transport Vaccination - 22 November 2021

22 Nov 2021 7:23pm

Emergency Management (Passenger Transport Vaccination) (COVID-19) Direction 2021 has been created. It comes into effect at 5:52pm on 22 November 2021.

There are now requirements for passenger transport workers working from Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Parafield or Port Lincoln Airports to have at least one dose of a TGA approved or recognised COVID-19 vaccination.

A point to point driver (including taxi, a rideshare vehicle or a chauffeured vehicle) must have at least one vaccination by 25 November 2021.

A passenger transport driver (other than a point to point driver must have at least one vaccination by 12 December 2021

A person whose work or duties relates to the provision of a passenger transport service and in the course of those duties must have at least one vaccination by 20 December 2021– these include:

  • has in-person contact with passengers of a passenger transport service (including conductors, compliance officers, security guards, booking and ticketing workers); or
  • has in-person contact with a passenger transport driver (including depot workers).

At the same time their first dose is due, the workers must have received, or has evidence of a booking to receive, a second dose of a TGA approved or recognised COVID-19 vaccine within the interval after the first dose recommended by the ATAGI for that COVID-19 vaccine.

A point to point or passenger transport worker is not required to have evidence of a COVID-19 vaccination if:

  • They have a medical certificate or a letter from a legally qualified medical practitioner certifying that the person:
    • Has a medical exemption from receiving a COVID-19 vaccine on either a permanent or temporary basis in accordance with guidelines published by ATAGI (Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation).
    • Has a medical exemption on either a permanent or temporary basis from receiving the preferred vaccine as recommended by ATAGI for the person’s age.
    • Has an appointment to be assessed by a medical specialist or has started an assessment to determine if they have a medical exemption
    • Is currently taking part in a COVID-19 vaccine trial and the receipt of another available vaccine would impact the validity of the trial.
    • The certificate or letter specifies the nature of the exemption and the basis on which it applies;
    • The Chief Public Health Officer or her delegate has endorsed the exemption, and
    • The person must provide the operator of the passenger transport setting with a copy of the endorsement.

The complete Directions can be found at https://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/emergency-declarations

Frequently Asked Questions in relation to this Direction can be found at https://www.education.sa.gov.au/parents-and-families/covid-19-coronavirus/covid-19-vaccination-requirements