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Media release re police documents

07 Jul 2024 1:12pm

SAPOL can confirm an officer inadvertently left documents on the roof of a police vehicle as it left a suburban police station recently.

The documents were subsequently located by a member of the public directly adjacent the police station driveway and were immediately returned to the station.

CCTV of the incident reveals the folded documents were on the road for 98 seconds before the member of the public picked them up. The individual had possession of the documents for a further 15 seconds before placing them on the front service counter.

During that time the individual did not read, examine, take photographs or share the documents with anyone. Police thanked the individual for returning the documents promptly. No other customers were in the police station at the time.

The incident was an unfortunate, innocent oversight by the officer involved. The officer has admitted their error.

The documents involved do not represent a security risk for police, divulge any police methodology not already in the public arena or compromise any police operations moving forward.

The documents are described as notes, maps, media articles, a tasking incident running sheet and a meeting agenda. They were returned to the officer intact.

SA Police take the security, storage and handling of all documents seriously, with policies and protocols governing this. Any incidents such as this are reviewed and appropriate action taken if required.

The commissioner of police has authorised the publication of only the above material.

The commissioner has not authorised the publication of any details that may identify the officer. This includes their name, rank and the location of the incident.