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Think first then dial

Emergency Management (River Murray) Direction No 5

23 Jan 2023 6:09pm

Restrictions have been reduced for people wanting to access the River Murray in Zone D.

Zone D is above Lock 2 but below Lock 3 and includes Overland Corner and Waikerie.

In Zone D, people can now operate a motorised vessel (including a jet-ski, but not a houseboat). However, they must not exceed a speed of 10 knots or tow a person from the vessel.

People can also fish or yabby from their motorised boats in Zone D.

However, they cannot exceed a speed of 4 knots within 250m of a levee or within 250 metres from the location of any dwelling or buildings, where it is partially or wholly submerged.

Only those with a permitted purpose are able to operate a human powered vessel, swim, bathe or dive in the river or operate a houseboat or pontoon boat.

Everyone in the open area of a vessel must wear a lifejacket equivalent to a level 50 standard or above if in the open area of a vessel of up to 12 metres in length.

This comes after the State Coordinator signed Emergency Management (River Murray) (No 5) Direction 2023, which came at 5:10pm today, 23 January 2023.

For a full list of restrictions to go SA.GOV.AU - Restrictions (www.sa.gov.au)