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Gawler Weekly Report 19/4/21

19 Apr 2021 2:14pm

The following is the weekly update from Gawler Police:


On 12 April Gawler Police arrested a teenager from Hewett for property damage, assault and aggravated assault.

On 15 April Barossa CIB arrested a 45-year-old woman from Stockport for producing counterfeit currency.

On 15 April Barossa CIB arrested a 48-year-old man from Stockport for two counts of driving unlicensed, unlawful possession and producing a counterfeit note.

On 16 April Gawler Police reported a 23-year-old woman from Clare for driving disqualified.


On 13 April Gawler Police reported a 35-year-old woman from Reid for cultivating cannabis.


Between 11 and 17 April at an address on Harris Road, Dublin a padlock was removed from a gate and a shed and house was entered.  A red Holden Acclaim sedan VUZ878 was stolen as well as a hard drive from the house.

Between 16 and 17 April at an address on Sandpiper Way, Hewett a shed was entered and a leaf blower was stolen.


Between 11 and 12 April at an address on Railway Terrace, Roseworthy multiple tools were stolen from the rear of a flat tray utility.  The vehicle was parked in the driveway behind an unlocked gate.

On 13 April at a shop in Gawler a man stole six packets of panadol and left in a silver Ford Territory.  Police are continuing their enquiries.

On 13 April at a park on Gawler Terrace, Gawler South a woman left a vehicle whilst going for a walk. When she returned to the vehicle she found that the driver’s side window was smashed and a ring was stolen.

On 17 April at an address on Margaret Street, Lyndoch tools were stolen from an open tray of a utility.

Police wish to remind the public to be vigilant with their personal belongings as opportunistic thieves target items such as purses, mobile phones, handbags, wallets in public places.

Members of the community are reminded:

*Do not leave your handbag in your trolley, carry it with you at all times.

*When loading the car, don't leave your handbag in the trolley - secure your bag first and lock the car doors.

*Don't leave your purse, mobile phone, handbag, or wallet on the table in restaurants or hotels.

*Remain vigilant about your property while in any business premises.  People often become relaxed or complacent about security in restaurants, laundromats, building sites, childcare centres, libraries, doctors' surgeries, bus depots, etc.

*Never leave valuables in a vehicle, regardless of whether the vehicle is locked or not.

*Be alert at ATMs and cover your PIN.  If you feel uneasy or concerned about your safety, cancel your transaction and go somewhere you feel safe.

*It only takes a second for an opportunistic thief to take your belongings.  Make it hard for them.


On 12 April at an address on Panter Street, Willaston an unknown person slashed the right hand side tyres of a vehicle whilst parked in the driveway of premises.

On 17 April at a car park on Commercial Lane, Gawler unknown persons slashed the rear wheel of a vehicle whilst parked in an underground car park.

Between 16 and 18 April at a school in Evanston unknown persons damaged a drain pipe and graffitied throughout the school.


On 16 April on Victoria Terrace, Gawler privacy shade cloth attached to a fence of a tennis club was burnt.

On 16 April an abandoned vehicle on Gawler River Road, Gawler River was set on fire.  The vehicle was stolen from a driveway of an address at Elizabeth South.