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Cross border travel

All travellers coming to South Australia must complete the Cross Border Travel Registration at least 7 days prior to travel, irrespective of whether they are from a low community transmission zone or a prescribed location.

Travellers must complete a separate Cross Border Travel Registration for each person in your travelling party including all children.  You will experience delays on arrival if you have not completed an application for each person.

If you have current approval to enter SA you do not need to reapply. Conditions of entry will be updated upon the processing of your arrival.

If you do not currently hold approval to SA or your recent application has been declined please complete the cross border application form.

Domestic travellers

Victoria COVID-19 traveller Information

In effect from 12:01am 26 February 2021:

Travel from Victoria and Greater Melbourne is now permitted.

Travellers who arrived from Greater Melbourne and are subject to quarantine – if they have been to a high risk site are to remain segregated and isolated and contact SA Health regarding self-quarantine and COVID-19 testing requirements.

Travellers who arrived from Greater Melbourne and were not in a high risk site, can leave self-quarantine but must complete their day 1, 5 and 12 COVID-19 testing. However, if a person needs to attend a high risk setting (health, disability, aged care or correctional facility), they need to let the facility know they have been in High Community Transmission Zone in the past 14 days and will need to wear Personal Protective Equipment.

Completing the cross border travel registration form

If you are planning travel to SA, aim to complete the cross border travel registration form at least 7 days before you leave, regardless of where your travel begins. If you are applying for essential traveller categories, please attach relevant documents to assist with assessment and determination.

Health exemption

Apply for a health exemption.

Health exemption - Essential Traveller

Some Essential Travellers seeking to enter SA from Prohibited Locations will require written approval from SA Health before submitting a Cross Border Travel Registration to SA Police. An Exemptions Panel led by the Chief Public Health Officer and authorised officers, meets regularly to consider the exemption requests. Your Cross Border Travel application cannot proceed for these categories until you have written approval from SA Health. Attach approvals prior to applying.

People will require written approval from SA Health if they are travelling to South Australia from New South Wales and you are seeking essential traveller status or exemption for:

  • urgent medical, dental or health treatment
  • compassionate grounds
  • providing health services
  • any other circumstance not covered by an essential traveller category.

All applications for Essential Traveller status from SA Health must be submitted using the online SA Health Essential Traveller Application form.

Travellers will be required to wear a surgical face mask in SA when in contact with the public. All overseas travellers are required to have the mandatory COVID-19 testing on day 1, day 5, and day 12 of entry into SA.

The Health Exemption request application, with supporting evidence to support your request, should be submitted to the Exemptions Team as soon as possible and before you apply for a Cross Border Travel Registration from SA Police.

Apply for a health exemption.

Overseas travellers

If you are travelling to SA having been in an overseas jurisdiction in the last 14 days (excluding New Zealand), you will be directed to quarantine at a place determined by an authorised officer for a 14 day period commencing on the date of arrival in Australia.

At the airport checkpoint you will need photo id and:

  • provide your online Essential Traveller number (ET00000000) to the Authorised officer, or
  • if you can’t provide your Essential Traveller number, provide your details to the Authorised officer so that they can verify your online application and issue you with an ‘interim status’ assessment,

If not done prior to arrival, complete the online registration form at the checkpoint.

All traveller arrivals will be registered on police systems to allow compliance checking of self-quarantine requirements if required.

If you need to speak to someone about your travel phone the SA Information Line on 1800 253 787.

Testing of arrivals

A person who is in quarantine and refuses a COVID-19 test must remain in quarantine for an additional 10 day period and includes other persons quarantining with that person.

A person under the age of 16 years who is required to remain quarantined at a place determined by an authorised officer (international arrival) is required to submit a COVID-19 test on Day 1, Day 5 and 12. If the child refuses or fails to submit to a test, the child must remain in quarantine for an additional 10 days (including carer).

A person must not make a statement on an application or upon arrival that is false or misleading, or refuse or fail to answer questions asked by an authorised officer or a person responsible for assisting in the administration of cross border travel.

For families, each individual must complete a separate cross border travel registration form.

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