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Stay Safe this Halloween

It’s that time of year when things can get a little creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky!

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, we want to help you indicate your preference on Sunday 31 October.  SA Police have created some boo-riffic signs which you and your neighbours can place on your front door or gate to either welcome or discourage trick or treating visitors.

If you say “Boo-yeah” to Halloween and welcome chocolate goblin’ ghouls and gremlins visiting your home you can download a 'TRICK OR TREATERS WELCOME HERE' sign.

Or if you prefer all witches and ghosts to fly past your home and not show their presence, you can download a 'NO TRICK OR TREATING HERE' sign.

To ensure a safe night that won’t leave you haunted with any Halloween nightmares, SA Police have waved their magic wand to come up with some useful Personal and Road Safety Tips for parents and caregivers to share with their boo-tiful children before heading out to trick or treat.

And for the tricksters – Mummy’s got you covered! If someone asks for a trick this Halloween we’ve got a bundle of scare-tastic jokes for you to share! Halloween Jokes to Leave People Hoooooowling with Laughter.

We encourage everyone to use these terror-iffic resources and share them with your NHW groups, neighbours, friends and family. It’s a great way to help your local community feel safe and prepared for a frightfully fun Halloween, while also making sure that anyone who doesn’t want to take part in the spook-tacular festivities doesn’t have to.

If you’re intending on hosting a fa-boo-lous party at home, stop any moaaaaning and groaning during your party planning by staying up to date with the latest COVID-19 restrictions on SA Health’s website www.covid-19.sa.gov.au.

“Okay, that’s a wrap!” said the Mummy!

We’ve been busy sharing this news across our social channels, here are all the graphics and videos we’ve used: