Operation Nomad 2019-20

Everyone in the Neighbourhood Watch community has a role to be: vigilant, to look out for neighbours, report crime and assist in making our State a safe place to live in.

With the fire danger season well and truly under way, South Australia Police are focusing their efforts on our response to the threat of bushfires through Operation Nomad, this is the time for our subscribers to the Neighbourhood Watch SA newsfeed to be additionally vigilant in reporting fires and reducing the opportunities for firebugs and arsonists not just through the summer period but throughout the year.

Operation Nomad is a focus on deliberate, reckless and negligent acts that may cause a bush fire. Patrols are deployed on total fire ban days (this includes severe, extreme and catastrophic fire danger ratings) throughout the season. These patrols are not only proactively detecting risky and deliberate behaviour, they are also a source of education for the community to reduce the risk of a bushfire.

You can read more about the 2019-20 Operation Nomad here.

If you see anything suspicious, reckless or negligent immediately call 131 444 - Police Assistance line