New ‘Shop theft is a crime’ poster

Retail theft not only has a big financial impact on the local businesses and stores that serve our communities, it also affects us as consumers.

With this in mind SA Police has produced a new retail theft prevention poster "How will you be leaving the store today? Shop theft is a crime".

The posters are designed to be displayed throughout retail stores to encourage would-be thieves to think twice about stealing and make better decisions.

SA Police officers will be delivering these posters to stores, giving them the opportunity to discuss retail theft prevention measures with business owners.  Retailers will be encouraged to display the posters in prominent positions throughout their stores such as entrances and exits, change rooms and points of sale.

Neighbourhood Watch is about crime prevention, so if you would like to get your hands on these new posters for a local business or store, they are available from your local police station.

More business security resources are available on the SA Police website.