Know the scam

In 2017 Australians lost $340 million to scams. As a proactive approach to lessening the impact of scams, South Australia Police has recently launched a new webpage Know the Scam

The page will be updated on a regular basis (as local trends are identified) and will contain information on scams currently circulating in South Australia as a way of educating members of the public on what to look out for and the evolving tactics used by scammers to dupe potential victims.

This new Know the Scam page also has the Crime Stoppers video of the most recent threat of arrest scam currently circulating in South Australia.

You can also obtain the latest Australia-wide information from the following websites:

By being smarter with your data (personal electronic information), verifying the source or knowing how to spot scams you can help protect yourself from losing your identity, your reputation or your life savings.