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'Keeping Safe' activity booklet

We are proud to let you know that SAPOL has launched a fun new activity booklet for police to use when engaging with younger members of our community. Police will use this resource in the community and school environments when engaging with children to help build trusting relationships and increase the children’s willingness to approach the police or protective security officers.

Those of you who are carers, parents, guardians or grandparents will appreciate the fun activities which support children’s learning and understanding of the role of police in the South Australian community.  Online safety tips have also been included to assist children to stay safe on line.

To coincide with the launch of the booklet, the Band of the South Australia Police has recorded a live performance on YouTube that enhances the messages of safety and trust. Parents, carers, guardians or grandparents may wish to watch this video with the children in their care for entertainment and educational purposes.

In addition, to help keep your children safe we have included one of the activities from the booklet on the SAPOL website which you can download, print and do with your children.