Keep informed about local crime

Neighbourhood Watch Police Coordinators provide details of local crimes at NHW meetings, but did you know you can access crime statistics whenever you want to using the interactive mapping tool available on the SAPOL website.

An important part of the Neighbourhood Watch program is how it enables SAPOL to keep NHW groups personally informed about local crime through a dedicated local Police Coordinator who attends regular NHW meetings and presents a crime report. These crime statistics are then often published in the NHW group’s newsletter and delivered to householders, helping to spread the information out to many more local community members. This information enables residents and businesses to be aware of what crimes are being committed locally, who can then take practical and relevant precautions to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

In between regular NHW meetings and distribution of NHW newsletters, NHW volunteers and any other members of the public can keep updated about local crime by using the interactive mapping tool available on the SAPOL website. By entering either a suburb or postcode area you can access details of crimes against the person and crimes against property for the previous month.

Access the interactive map and guide on how to use it.

The provision of this data online offers a complimentary layer of information to support the role of Police Coordinators which enables NHW groups and local residents to remain up to date with local crime statistics.

The Local NHW Police Coordinator’s role also provides a single point of SAPOL contact for the NHW group and a capacity for effective two-way communication to take place on a needs basis. Examples of this include when specific crime patterns emerge which the Police Coordinator feels should be passed onto the NHW group immediately, or when the NHW group want to bring an issue or community concern to the attention of SAPOL before the next NHW meeting.