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Car Fraudster Alert

Fraudsters are currently targeting vehicle owners who are selling their vehicle online.

In recent incidents, victims are handing over their cars once the payment shows as ‘pending’ in the seller’s bank account, but the payment subsequently bounces.

Ensure that you wait for the buyer’s payment to definitely clear into your bank account before handing over your car keys. Payments showing as PENDING should not be a green light to physically release your car. Don’t let the fraudster convince you otherwise.

Police recommend that anyone thinking of buying or selling goods online use the following tips:

  • Arrange to meet the other person in a public place, such as a shopping centre or public car park to exchange the items.
  • Ask for a receipt or some sort of proof of purchase.
  • Keep a record of all transactions if you are paying for the item in instalments.
  • Ensure funds are actually in your account prior to handing over your property, and not just pending transfer prior to completing any sale with a potential buyer.

If you believe you have been the victim of an online fraud, report it immediately at http://www.cyber.gov.au/report

You can also contact your local police station or the Police Assistance Line on 131444.

You can read the news article about these fraudsters being arrested and charged as well as the two stolen cars being recovered at SA Police News