Protective Security Officer - COVID 19

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Protective security officers contribute to South Australia’s counter terrorism strategies and community safety. In this role, your primary function is to maintain the security of government facilities, public officials and the community.

SAPOL is committed to continuing to provide active, ongoing leadership during the COVID-19 response in support of SA Health’s mission of reducing the impact of the virus on the community. SA Police will ensure the effective collaboration and coordination of resources across all sectors – both government and non-government.

SA Police has established a number of systems and processes to address our response to COVID-19. The Protective Security Officer – COVID-19 will have the primary function of maintaining public security through:

Hotel quarantine / Medi-hotel compliance duties

Provision of a high standard of customer service by:

  • Staffing security desks and control access in hotels/medi-hotels and other accommodation used for quarantine, internal evacuation points and lift lobbies on all floors;
  • Operating security equipment including CCTV monitoring;
  • Undertaking floor by floor monitoring to ensure guests are complying with directions;
  • Assisting in the undertaking of perimeter foot patrols;
  • Assisting in the maintenance of relevant manifests inclusive of compliance checking to ensure quarantined guests are in their rooms; and
  • Monitoring and reporting all guest movements after guests are established in hotels/medi-hotels and other accommodation used for quarantine, including maintaining and recording details in journals, log books, note books and electronic databases required by SA Police.
Border control duties

Provision of operational support to police officers by:

  • Monitoring designated roads entering South Australia;
  • Assisting in the processing of all traveller arrivals into South Australia via the Cross Border Travel Registration (CBTR) online portal and other relevant SA Police systems and databases;
  • Assisting and/or supporting police with all border compliance activities; and
  • Assisting in conducting escorts of travellers from the border to their place of quarantine as required either at a private residence or hotels/medi-hotels, and other accommodation used for quarantine.

This interesting and highly challenging role requires unique skills and abilities. You’ll need to meet SA Police’s eligibility criteria and undergo a rigorous recruitment process to determine whether you’re right for the job. If we offer you a role, you’ll attend our police academy, where you’ll receive training in law and procedure, communications and operational safety.

Once you finish at the academy, you’ll begin your duties as a protective security officer and become a vital part of the network that continues to keep our community safe. You'll also enjoy the benefits of being a protective security officer.

Special conditions

12-month contact on the successful completion of the paid, nine-week Protective Security Officer Qualification Program

Successful applicants for these positions will be required to perform duties where it is expected they will come into contact with people who may have been exposed to, or have been diagnosed with, COVID-19. This includes working in confined medi-hotels and facilities accommodating people diagnosed with COVID-19 where strict adherence to workplace health and safety measures is required, which includes wearing a correctly fitted face mask that may require the incumbent to be clean shaven.  It is a non-negotiable condition of employment that successful applicants will maintain suitable vaccination status (including COVID-19 vaccination) and undergo medical testing as required. Any concerns regarding this should be addressed with the Recruiting Section prior to submitting an application.

Submitting an application

Applications can be submitted to the South Australia Police Recruiting Section:

In person - South Australia Police Recruiting - 100 Angas Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

Via post - South Australia Police Recruiting - GPO Box 1539, Adelaide, SA 5001