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131 444
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1800 333 000
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Be Safe. Stay Safe. Travel Safe.

Free travel tips for the best Aussie experience

Are you visiting from overseas?

Do you know what this Aussie slang means:

  • Get some tucker (let’s get something to eat)
  • Take it easy (relax, slow down)
  • Strewth (yikes, oh gosh).

Well South Australia Police (SA Police) has launched a travel friendly guide to help you with some of the local ‘lingo’ (language) and help you with tips to stay safe when travelling around South Australia.

Like nothing else that SA Police has developed before, this campaign has adapted some fun Aussie slang to capture the attention of travellers and get the conversation started on some very serious topics like ridesharing safely, goin’ bush, driving safely on the roads, drugs and alcohol, and who to call in an emergency.

If you work in the South Australian tourism or hospitality industry these resources can be a fun and easy way to start talking to your international visitors about how to enjoy our beautiful surroundings safely.

Check out some of the handy tips below.

'Gettin a lift'

Are you thinking about getting a ride somewhere? More and more people travelling on a budget are choosing to get around through ‘ridesharing’. If you are ‘getting a lift’ remember to:

  • Tell someone your plans - tell a friend, family member or your accommodation provider details of the people you’re travelling with and give them your itinerary.
  • Meet somewhere public or in the foyer of your accommodation - Know the identity of the people you’re riding with and meet them face to face and in public before agreeing to rideshare with them. Always get picked up and dropped off in a high traffic area.
  • Take a photograph of your ride’s registration/driver’s licence and send it to someone you trust.
'Goin' bush'

Are you here to see the Outback or our stunning countryside? If you’re ‘going bush’, you might just underestimate how big our beautiful country is – there can be hundreds of kilometres between petrol stations, nowhere to get fresh drinking water and it make take days to reach other major towns or cities. Planning ahead is the key to avoiding any unexpected problems.

  • Make a plan and know your route, and tell someone your plans and arrange check-ins.
  • Have enough supplies (i.e. water, food).
  • Buy a SIM card with the best coverage, do not settle on the cheapest.
  • Check the fire danger warning each day and check for flood warnings.
A safe night out is a great night out (‘Don’t get legless’)

Tasting the different local beverages is one of the joys of travelling but ‘don’t get legless’ or over-indulge:

  • Be aware of your surroundings and don’t leave your drink unattended.
  • Stay with your friends.
  • Know your limits.
  • If you are driving in Australia know that the legal alcohol limit is 0.05.
  • One punch can kill.
Looking for farm work (‘hard yakka’)

It pays to know the requirements of your working visa. If you are here on a working visa you are required to complete 88 days of rural work, and you need to hand in specific details on your payslips – if you don’t you will be forced to return home.

  • Do your research, on the location of the work, the employer and transport options. Read reviews. Share your plans with a trusted person.
  • Go with someone you know.
  • Ensure you will receive a completed payslip to show hours worked.
  • Check you have the correct working visa.
Other helpful information (‘nifty tips’)

Here’s some other handy stuff:

  • Drugs are different worldwide – do not take any unknown substances.
  • If buying a vehicle, make sure to have a mechanic check it is ok for your plans.
  • Report any vehicle accidents to police.
  • Keep your passport and money on you at all times.
  • The sun is harsh – wear sunscreen and cover up.
  • Going to the beach? Swim between the flags.
  • Call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency; 131 444 for non-urgent police assistance or 1800 333 000 for Crime Stoppers (you can report crime anonymously).

This new safety campaign has been developed with support from the Commissioner for Victim’s Rights and Crime Stoppers SA, and in consultation with industry to ensure gaps in the current information available were bridged and made available in a travel friendly size.

Download the handy Travel Safe guide

Download the Travel Safe poster

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