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Smarten Up, Buckle Up

A new road safety campaign targeting seatbelts commenced on Sunday, 9 February , 2020.

Named “Smarten Up, Buckle Up,” it is aimed at the minority of the population who still aren’t wearing seatbelts.

South Australia Police has recently launched multiple road safety campaigns, including TV commercials for drug and drink driving and motorcycle safety. These campaigns have been using different approaches to influence behaviours, guided by research that determines what style of message will be most effective.

This time, South Australia Police is taking a satirical approach to help engage with the issue and highlight the absurdity of choosing not to use a proven life saving device.

The campaign will include advertisements for regional and metro radio, buses and billboards, as well as social media.

As one of the Fatal Five offences, seatbelts are still a prominent issue in South Australia. In 2019, 114 lives were lost on our roads, and 15 of those fatalities were due to an individual not wearing a seatbelt.

The message to the public is simple – wear your seatbelt, because it could save your life or prevent serious injury.

Watch the nine Smarten Up, Buckle Up short videos

All were filmed under controlled conditions.