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SA Police showcase the worst ‘hangover’ of your life

This month the  ‘10-Year Hangover’ campaign hit television screens and billboards across South Australia.

The campaign, which is also featured on social media, focuses on the fact that a drink driving conviction results in a minimum 10-year criminal record.

For at least a decade this record will show up during any police checks, which can impact job and travel opportunities.

The advertisement highlights how this type of mark on your criminal record will turn into the “worst hangover” of your life as employers are now more frequently requesting checks from potential employees, meaning your application will be hindered by a DUI conviction.

This information aims to change drink driving behaviour and educate motorists about the long term impact drink driving can have on your professional and personal life, and how one bad decision can haunt you and your career progression for years to come.

The campaign is part of South Australia Police’s commitment to keep drink drivers off the road in order to reduce road trauma.

The advertisement has been rolled out in addition to recent high-visibility policing operations, including Operation High Impact F5 which ran for a month beginning in August 2019 and included over 85,000 breath tests.

Despite the public being pre-warned of the operation and police presence, these breath tests resulted in 396 drink drivers who were detected over the limit, indicating that some road users are still taking unnecessary risks that jeopardise their own safety and the safety of others.

South Australia Police are committed to changing this type of risk-taking behaviour on our roads, and will continue to conduct road safety operations and roll out advertising campaigns that target road safety issues.

The ’10-Year-Hangover’ ad is currently airing on television and can also be viewed on YouTube

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