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Our new-look Protective Security Officers

Protective security officers (PSOs), those SA Police personnel you may have seen patrolling our schools or keeping an eye on government buildings and infrastructure, are getting a new look.

PSOs will be following interstate counterparts and our state’s emergency services in moving to the dark blue uniform, while still retaining their distinctive gold identifiers.

The white shirts synonymous with the PSO uniform will be replaced with the dark blue shirt.  The basic design is the same as the police general duties shirts however the new PSO shirts will clearly identify the wearer by the gold embroidery “PROTECTIVE SECURITY” front and rear and the PSO distinctive arm patches, gold badges and insignia.

The rollout of the new uniforms will be a staged process. You will start to see the first PSOs in the dark blue uniform from December with mobile patrols, like the ones who visit schools, transitioning first. The remaining PSOs will start to wear their new uniforms in early 2020/21.

Attached to SA Police’s Police Security Services Branch, PSOs play a key role in contributing to the state’s counterterrorism strategies and are a crucial part of police operations, creating a safer and more secure environment for government employees and members of the community accessing government facilities.

In this role, their primary function is to maintain the security of government facilities, public officials and the community through:

  • Electronic surveillance by monitoring alarms and CCTV systems 24/7.
  • Mobile security patrols of government facilities, including schools.
  • Static guard services at government buildings.

PSOs are not sworn police officers however may carry firearms and are trained in police operational safety techniques and the use of the Government Radio Network.

To find out more about what PSOs do or how to become a PSO visit

If you are interested in a career as a PSO learn more about the role and recruitment process at our upcoming seminar on Wednesday, 4 December at 6.30pm. Register your interest