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Think first then dial

Motorcyclists warned to "Back Off"

Motorcyclists are once again reminded to “Back Off” during thrill seeking rides, with SA Police returning our recent motorcycles campaign to market in January and February.

The campaign was created to reduce speed amongst motorcycle riders; especially male riders aged 20-29, who comprised the highest number of serious injuries between 2018 and 2022.

With warm weather coming up, the number of motorcyclists on our roads is likely to increase. Whilst the campaign is aimed at riders who speed for fun anywhere on South Australian roads, the campaign focuses on riders on regional roads and in the Adelaide Hills region, where motorcyclists often lose control of their bike and hit a fixed object such as a tree.

Prior to producing the campaign, one-on-one interviews with motorcyclists helped shape the messages. Motorcyclists spoke about their connection to the outside world, the heightened sensory experience and the sense of freedom they feel.

Rather than argue with that, the campaign takes the language and phrases used by motorcyclists about why they love riding, and connects them with confronting imagery.

In 2023, 23 motorcyclists lost their life on South Australian roads, representing 20% of all lives lost during that year.  During the same time, 192 motorcyclists and 11 pillion passengers were seriously injured, representing 24% of all serious injuries (data as of 11 January 2023).

To view all videos of this campaign, as well as other road safety campaigns, visit SAPOL - Road safety campaigns (police.sa.gov.au).