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Are you covered?

Are you planning on heading out to enjoy the festivities, finishing last minute shopping, going away for the weekend or doing jobs around the home? No matter your plans, SA Police have a few simple tips  to help ensure you are covered and your house is secure.

You don’t have to go to the extremes of wrapping up your home to make it secure.

Simply locking doors and windows is a great place to start.

There are some other practical steps you can take to help avoid becoming a victim of a house break, but there are also a number of less obvious tips police recommend you consider.

Practical tips include:

  • making sure your street number can be clearly seen from the street
  • canceling regular deliveries and arranging for someone to collect your mail and put your bins out if you are planning a holiday
  • reducing the street appeal to potential thiefs by removing hiding spots like overgrown trees, large bushes and other plants
  • consider updating security doors and installing an alarm
  • use effective sensor lighting and lock your electircity meter
  • place your keys and all items of value somewhere safe out of sight and not in the obvious spots thieves target (such as just inside the front door, bedside tables, etc).

Keeping all doors and windows locked when leaving the home is a great place to start.

BUT also consider keeping them locked when you are home, even if simply gardening.

AND when locking up, remove the key and store in a safe location out of view.

FINALLY, speaking of keys, where do you store your spare key? Better options exist than under that pot!

For more tips, view the are you….covered brochure

Download the are you….covered? poster

If you see someone behaving suspiciously in your area please phone the Police Assistance line immediately on 131 444. Timely reporting can assist police to locate offenders and prevent further crime occurring.

For further crime prevention assistance: