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Think first then dial

Act now, stay secure

As a part of the Australian Government’s ‘Act Now, Stay Secure’ campaign, South Australia Police (SAPOL) is encouraging everyone to improve their cyber security through actions like multi-factor authentication, software updates and using passphrases.

The three-week campaign, which commenced on 10 June, will see SAPOL release several information videos on our social media platforms.

The first week of the campaign will show you the importance of setting up multi-factor authentication to make yourself more cyber secure. See the first video below.

The following week we will focus on software updates and how installing them regularly can help keep your device secure. Make sure you check that automatic updates are enabled so you are notified when an update is available. The longer you leave it, the more cyber vulnerable you become.

The final week we are encouraging everyone to improve their cyber security through simple actions like creating strong and unique passphrases.

What makes a passphrase strong and unique?

  • Different passphrase on every account.
  • Four or more random words.
  • Over 14 characters.

Learn all about these tips and tricks to help you stay secure online at actnowstaysecure.gov.au

You can also visit our Scams and cybercrime page for further information on local scams and keep an eye out on our socials.