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A year of THINK! Road Safety

Last month marked one year since SA Police formed the Media Road Safety Unit (MRSU).

MRSU produces mass media and digital campaigns to educate motorists and influence positive behaviours on South Australian roads, in support of the Government’s National Road Safety Strategy.

The development of road safety campaigns is underpinned by close analysis of crash data and rigorous attitudinal research into the motivations behind road users’ behaviour.  The messaging of each campaign is carefully developed to reflect the psychology of motorists’ decision making and the media consumption habits of the target audiences.

As a new capability in SA Police after the closure of MAC, it was imperative that MRSU hit the ground running and showed that there was still a loud voice in road safety.

In that time MRSU have returned nine campaigns to market, produced four brand new ones plus another three in response to the changes in driving caused by Covid-19.

This video has been developed to mark the 12-month anniversary of MRSU’s THINK! Road Safety work.

To see more of the campaigns or our road safety socials, visit our Road safety campaigns page or follow us on Facebook