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Annual reporting 2016-2017

Progress in delivering services in key areas is highlighted in our annual reporting.  View SAPOL’s annual report for 2016-17 (pdf)

Other key areas are also reported on annually as per below.

Aboriginal Reconciliation

SAPOL is committed to reconciliation through building unified relationships based on mutual respect, trust and a strong understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, heritage and beliefs.

Details of Overseas Travel
Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

SAPOL is committed to diversity in its recruitment and retention of employees and volunteers.

SAPOL’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) 2017-2020 (pdf) ensures SAPOL is an inclusive workplace for employees with disability and there is equality of access to policing services for everyone in the South Australian community.

Freedom of Information Statement

SAPOL’s Freedom of Information Statement (pdf) details how members of the public can access information and documents.

Read more on how to apply for access to SAPOL information

Major Awards

Awards provide SAPOL with a means of recognising employees for continuous, diligent and ethical service.

The number of awards presented to current and former SAPOL employees: Awards 2016-17 (pdf)

Performance Against Targets

SAPOL’s actual results of Performance against Targets as reported in the agency statements:

Personnel Information

The number of active and inactive employees across all classifications:

Regional Impact Assessment Statements

South Australian government agencies are required to prepare and publish Regional Impact Assessment Statements prior to implementing significant changes to existing government services to rural and regional areas.

No Regional Impact Assessment Statements were prepared and published by SAPOL during the 2016-17 reporting period. Further information is located at  Primary Industries and Regions SA

Triple Bottom Line Reporting - Greening of Government Operations

SAPOL continues to work towards a more sustainable future through developing environmental standards and implementing environmental initiatives. Sustainability Reporting 2016-17 (pdf)

Urban Design Charter

SAPOL is committed to achieving good urban design and management of public places.