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How to register a firearm

You must be the holder of a current SA firearms licence to register a firearm in South Australia.


Complete a "PD 306 - Application for a permit to Acquire a Firearm" form with your details, the details of the current owner of the firearm and all details of the firearm. In some circumstances you may be required to produce a justification to support the application.

Send the PD306 form to Firearms Branch either by mail or through your local police station.

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What happens after I apply?

After a 'cooling off' period of 28 days, if there are no problems with the licence and the firearm, the PD306 will be returned to you with the approval details completed by Firearms Branch.

You may then apply for the registration of the firearm at a police station by presenting the firearm, the PD306, your firearms licence and the registration fee.

The 'witness to transfer of firearm' section must be completed before the firearm can be registered. The transfer of possession from the owner or former owner to the person acquiring possession can be witnessed by:

  • An authorised officer of a recognised firearms club
  • A licensed firearms dealer
  • A police officer

The police station will forward the registration application (PD306) to Firearms Branch which will forward a registration certificate

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