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Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcohol and Other Drugs

The misuse of alcohol and other drugs, including prescription or 'over the counter' medication, has an effect on not only community safety and increasing levels of crime, but also the health and wellbeing of individual South Australians within our community.

SAPOL is committed to preventing and reducing crime and public disorder arising from alcohol and other drug use of any kind. This includes legal substances such as alcohol and medications, and illicit substances including cannabis, amphetamines and heroin. SAPOL aims to make South Australia a safe place to live, visit and conduct business.

SAPOL actively uses a problem solving approach when dealing with alcohol and other drug issues, and works in partnership with government, non-government organisations and the community to combat the harms associated with alcohol and other drug use.

The principle of harm minimisation outlined in both the National Drug Strategy and the South Australian Drug Strategy informs SAPOL responses to alcohol and other drug problems in South Australia.

Latest developments

Alcohol and Crime report cover
A report titled 'Alcohol and Crime' was prepared for SAPOL to outline the impact of alcohol misuse and violence, social disorder and drink driving in the city.

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The 'Drink too much, you're asking for trouble' campaign is conducted by the Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia, and is supported by SAPOL to highlight the concerns regarding alcohol misuse.

For further information relating to the current National Guidelines for Alcohol Consumption click here.


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Some definitions....

permitted, lawful

not permitted, unlicensed, unlawful

authorised by law.

not legal, unauthorised

Harm minimisation
Harm minimisation aims to improve health, social and economic outcomes for both the community and the individual. It encompasses a wide range of approaches including:

Supply reduction - strategies designed to disrupt the production and supply of illicit drugs.

Demand reduction - strategies designed to prevent the uptake of harmful drug use.

Harm reduction - strategies designed to reduce drug-related harm for particular individuals and communities. The principle of harm minimisation acknowledges that early intervention strategies that reduce the risks of harm connected with drug use, without necessarily eliminating use, can be of benefit to the individual users and the wider community.


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