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Web Site Accessibility

Access keys

To avoid pointing and clicking the mouse you can use the following keyboard shortcuts (called Accesskeys) to go to particular areas on the site:

ALT+0 About
ALT+1 Help
ALT+2 Sitemap
ALT+3 Email
ALT+4 Print
ALT+5 Text Only / Graphical version
ALT+6 Links
ALT+7 Publications
ALT+8 Careers
ALT+9 News

Windows users can navigate with the Accesskey feature by pressing ALT key+ Access key number.

Access keys take precedence over application commands, which can still be accessed from the keyboard by first typing the menu shortcut key (usually ALT) followed by the letter corresponding to the desired menu item.

On a Mac, you use CTRL+Accesskey (not COMMAND+Accesskey, which can produce undesired effects).

If you are using Internet Explorer you might also need to hit the 'enter' key to activate a link.

Low bandwidth users

If you are working with a low bandwidth connection you can reduce the time it takes for information to download by choosing not to download any graphics or photos (but you'll still get all the site information and navigation facilities).

To do this for the latest Internet Explorer browser version 6.0+:

  • Select the Tools>Internet Options menu within the browser interface; this will launch a popup window
  • Select the Advanced menu option; you'll get a series of checkbox options
  • Under Multimedia uncheck (ie click on the tick) the option Show Pictures
  • Select Apply then OK

Adjusting text sizes

You can change the size of the text (referred to as the font size) on the screen. To do this for the latest Internet Explorer browser version 6.0:

  • Select the Tools>Internet Options menu within the browser interface; this will launch a popup window
  • Select the Accessibility button; this will launch another popup window
  • Under Formatting check (ie click on the blank square) Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages
  • Click OK to apply the change

To alter the size of the text select the View menu of the browser:

  • Select Text size; then select larger or smaller text from the drop down menu
  • Click OK to apply the change

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Site Problems

If you are having problems with using the web site or accessing the information on this web site Email Us. Alternative access to information will be provided on request.

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Browsing Tips

A number of search and navigation options are available on the pages of this web site to help you find the information and services you are after:


You can explore the site by clicking on the hyperlinked headings that appear on the home page. Moving your cursor across the top menu items will expose sub headings containing topics related to the particular category.

Each internal page has "breadcrumbs" at the top of the page to indicate which section and sub-section you are currently in.

Search / Advanced search

You will find the basic site search on every page of the site. It enables you to perform simple keyword searches.

To undertake a simple search, just put in a keyword, e.g. 'domestic', or a series of keywords, e.g. 'domestic violence' into the search box, and press the "go" key (or "enter" key on your keyboard).

Advanced search is available form the search page. It enables you to restrict the search results to specific criteria e.g. searching by: keywords, excluding words, exact words. You can also control the ranking of pages - i.e. the order in which search results are returned, as well as the number of pages returned.

A to Z Directory

The A-Z directory provides an alphabetical listing of topics that link to the relevant pages.

Site Map

A site map, containing a hyperlinked index of the site's contents, is provided for easy reference. You can get to the specific site content areas by clicking the specific entries in the index.

Fast Find

The Fast Find links are located in the mid-right of the screen on the home page. These links provide easy access to important and frequently used information.

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