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Security and Emergency Management Service

The Security and Emergency Management Service portfolio includes the State Protective Security Branch and the Police Security Service Branch. The focus of these areas is to prevent, protect, prepare and plan for major emergency situations or terrorist incidents at the local and national level. These areas also play a part in the response and recovery in a significant incident.

One of the major aims of Security and Emergency Management Service will be to further develop links with other national and state jurisdictions through joint strategies and exercises. Working together with other key stakeholders to reassure and protect the community against emergency situations, is a clear focus for the Protective Security Service.

Police Security Services Branch

Provides a protective security service to South Australian Government infrastructure and assets on a 24 hour a day, seven day a week basis. The Branch provides security advice and support through to security guards and patrols and includes monitoring of electronic security systems. The Branch operates from various locations across the Adelaide metropolitan area. The Branch is primarily staffed by non-sworn members of SAPOL.

State Protective Security Branch

The State Protective Security Branch (SPSB) contributes to the prevention, protection, preparation and planning for terrorist threats or major emergency situations at the local and national level. Response and recovery are also important issues to be coordinated.

The SPSB consists of four sections, the Security Intelligence Section (SIS) the Protective Security Investigation Section (PSIS) and a Critical Infrastructure Support Group (CISG).

The Security Intelligence Section is responsible for the provision of timely and accurate information and intelligence so as to prevent acts or threats of subversion, terrorism, threats or acts of violence against the safety or security of any dignitary, and violent behaviour between or within community groups.

EMES has a state wide responsibility for meeting the objectives of the SAPOL Corporate Plan particularly as it relates to the safety and security of the community in emergency situations, at public events, and for the protection of critical infrastructure. In addition, the Section assists SAPOL employees during the planning process by ensuring by best practice is achieved at emergencies and events in order to minimise adverse effects on the community and SAPOL.

The PSIS provides a permanent investigational and analytical capability to investigate matters relating to security or suspected criminal activity that may be linked to terrorism.

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